jEdit 4.3.2

Powerful text editor for programmers

jEdit is an enormously popular text editor designed for programmers. View full description


  • Simple to use but powerful
  • Excellent search and replace feature
  • Lots of plugins


  • Can be slow on startup
  • Spell-checker inconsistent

Very good

jEdit is an enormously popular text editor designed for programmers.

jEdit's strengths lie in it's simplicity, power and wide support of Unicode, Text Encoding Sniffer, Customizable Syntax Coloring, Fully Customizable Key Bindings, Object Embedding (image, Quicktime Movie and files) and much more. It's of particular appeal to those working with Java and XML due to a powerful search engine for regular expressions, syntax highlighting and auto-indentation.

If jEdit doesn't provide everything that you need then there's a good chance that the large database of plugins will. You can download these via the Plugin Editor within jEdit or directly from the developer site and they include a huge number of free enhancements that make jEdit even better. Add these to the highly customizable shortcuts & macros and jEdit is one hell of a free development environment. Perhaps the only downsides are a slight sluggishness on startup and some users have reported problems with the internal spell checker.

Overall, jEdit has become so widely used by developers that it must pack quite a punch.


  • Fixed Standalone TextArea build target (Shlomy Reinstein)
  • Fixed a NPE that happens when an error occurs before the view is loaded (Matthieu Casanova #2905487) - Fixed bug #2927555: beanshell load() fails w/ exception (Shlomy Reinstein)
  • Fixed a memory leak which held closed View and EditPane when using global bufferset scope. (Kazutoshi Satoda)
  • When removing text from the buffer, the event contentRemoved was sent before making the buffer dirty (oman002 #2944145)
  • Worked around a memory leak in Sun Java 6 where the sun.font.GlyphLayout is cached and reused while holding an instance to the char array (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)
  • When setting a new message in the status bar in a macro called from the Macro menu the message was cleared immediately (Matthieu Casanova #2964522) don't log an error when the API docs are not available. Provide a link to the online docs instead ( bug #1777806 - Eric Le Lay)
  • RFC edit mode was misplaced in catalog and was never matching anything because text edit mode glob was more global and checked first (Matthieu Casanova) java installer refuses to install from a directory containing exclamation marks ( bug #2065330 - Eric Le Lay)
  • API Changes
  • Applied patch #2932330 to suppress BufferUpdate messages from temporary buffers to improve performance. (Dale Anson)


jEdit 4.3.2

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